Villager is gonna be in the New Super Smash Bros.

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/every time i go grocery shopping, and go to work after.

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kid cat just stood there, creepin’. and i waited at this screen for a good three minutes.
he was just there.
and then as soon as the conversation ended, he walked away.
like he wasn’t watching us the whole time.
i’m onto you, kid cat.

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this is an accurate description of my new leaf file.
(especially the hot booty part.)

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just creepin’ on reese and cyrus, nbd.

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everyone who just visited my town went to shampoodle, and then left right after.
i feel so used. ; -;

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well then.

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pete isn’t putting up with any of your uncultured nonsense.

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… oh.
well then. ._.
just gettin’ friendzoned by kapp’n. nbd.

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